Real Estate FAQs - Clearwater Beach Vacation Rentals

What services does JMC Resort Properties provide?

JMC Resort Properties is a full service vacation rental, leasing, and property management company. Our three primary functions are:

  • Vacation Rental Management – Marketing homeowners’ condominiums to guests seeking condo rentals on Clearwater Beach area and surrounding areas, managing the guests’ stay while maintaining the quality of the homeowners’ asset.
  • Long Term Leasing – Locating and managing lease arrangements of one year or longer for homeowners listing their condominiums with JMC Resort Properties.
  • Property Management – For owners who do not live in the area full time, but prefer not to rent their home, JMC Resort Properties offers a full inspection process twice monthly, thoroughly examining all aspects of the home and ensuring that the asset is maintained in perfect condition while the owner is away.

Additionally, JMC Resort Properties offers concierge and activity services to all of our homeowners and guests during their visits.

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What types of accommodations are offered?

JMC Resort Properties offers two- and three-bedroom luxury condominiums with full kitchens and living areas. A variety of views are available including beachfront, partial beach views, Intracoastal Waterway views, and interior/cityscape views. Each condominium is fully stocked with china, silverware, glassware, and complete kitchen accessories.

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Where are the accommodations located and what communities are served?

JMC Resort Properties is located at the northern end of Clearwater Beach, on the Gulf of Mexico, just west of the Tampa, Florida, metropolitan area. Clearwater Beach is an island fronting the Gulf of Mexico with sugar white sands and turquoise waters and separated from the mainland by the Intracoastal Waterway. While we specialize in Clearwater Beach vacation rentals, our expertise extends all along the Pinellas County coastline and delightful urban centers.

JMC Communities has developed three luxury home developments in Clearwater Beach:

  • Belle Harbor
  • Mandalay Beach Club
  • The Sandpearl Residences


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How did JMC Resort Properties come about?

Homeowners in the JMC developed communities located on Clearwater Beach approached the CEO of JMC Communities about creating a professionally operated company focused solely on the profitable management of property owners’ homes. Gil St. Clair was brought in to develop and manage the company’s formation. His years of experience in luxury hotels and high-end vacation rentals dovetail perfectly with the JMC portfolio of quality standards and business practices.

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Are pets or smoking allowed in the homes managed by JMC Resort Properties?

No, out of respect for our clients’ wishes, we do not allow smoking or pets in any of the accommodations managed by JMC Resort Properties
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Why is there a 30-day minimum stay requirement?

The 30-day stay requirement is created by the rules and regulations of the individual condominium communities, and is the legal requirement by the City of Clearwater, which has jurisdiction over Clearwater Beach. JMC Resort Properties is committed to adhering to the rules and regulations of each individual community and advises each renter of those rules prior to accepting a rental in a community.

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What happens if a renter wishes to leave early?

There is no requirement for a renter to occupy their accommodations for the entire length of the lease. However, an accommodation may not be leased for less than 30 days, and may not be subleased or assigned should a renter depart early. There is no refund or pro rating for stays in which a renter leaves prior to the expiration of the lease period.

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What happens in the event that there is a tropical storm or hurricane?

The accommodations that JMC Resort Properties manages are located on a barrier island, and as such, are the first area to be evacuated prior to a tropical system coming to the area. Because our guests’ safety and the protection of our clients’ assets are our top priorities, the management of JMC Resort Properties feels an obligation to have the most up to date weather information at all times, and to keep our guests informed as well.

  • Whenever a tropical system approaches our shores, management will contact our guests and brief them on the next steps should the storm continue toward the area.
  • Guests having to evacuate due to weather will receive a pro-rated amount of their rent as refund for the time not available to them during the storm.
  • Additionally, JMC Resort Properties will assist guests in locating alternate accommodations or safe shelter in the event that they cannot return home during a storm.

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What is not provided in your JMC Resort Properties Vacation Rental?

Food, beverages, paper products (including bath and facial tissue and paper towels), cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, soaps, shampoos and other personal toiletries.

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