Clearwater Beach Property Management Services

Your Home Is In Great Hands

Homeowners (especially those who live out of town) who leave their homes unattended for part of the year or rent them to visitors face a long list of tasks and responsibilities. It’s a full-time job. We know—because that’s our job!

We understand the many details that go into securing an empty home, keeping it ventilated and in prime condition. We understand that making your property a comfortable, safe and enjoyable base for visitors to call home—and perhaps return to year after year—is serious business. JMC Resort Properties is particularly well-qualified to take all your usual tasks—and probably a few you haven’t thought of—off your hands.

Our property management services can actually enhance the value of your home by assuring up-to-date maintenance, thanks to year-round care and protection. In addition, JMC Resort Properties’ rental experts can handle all the details of renting your residence to carefully screened applicants, if you choose.

Ready for Your Return

Experience the confidence and peace of mind knowing that even if you are away from your residence for extended periods, everything is in order—and waiting for your return. Among the services we provide:

• Visit your home on a monthly basis
• Retrieve and forward your mail (on request)
• Check for water damage or evidence of mold in the following areas:

    o Around all windows
    o Bottoms of all walls and carpets
    o Ceiling corners and joints
    o Floors
    o Kitchen and bathroom cabinets
    o Washer connections
    o Refrigerator connections

• Check all furnishings for repair and dampness.
• Check for and replace any burned-out light bulbs.
• Check cleanliness and function of all appliances including refrigerator.
• Check air conditioning for function, leakage, filter replacement.
• Check for evidence of pests.
• Check all plumbing to ensure that sinks drain, toilets flush and faucets do not leak.
• Check smoke detectors and replace batteries as needed.
• Ensure that all electrical components and appliances are turned off, or left on as requested by owner.
• Check function of all door and window locks and ensure that all is secure upon departure.
• Ensure that all utilities including cable and telephone are functioning.
• Check balcony for cleanliness and repair of all items.
• Remove all balcony items, including furniture, in the event of severe weather.
• Complete any other requests of homeowner.
• Follow up via e-mail or telephone with owner after each visit.

JMC Resort Properties also will market and rent out your property if you like:

• Rent your home during pre-designated times.
• Rent to responsible vacation renters who have been thoroughly scrutinized and qualified by our licensed Realtors and skilled rental specialists.
• Long-term (one month minimum) rental agreements.
• Earn rental income that can significantly help offset the costs of home ownership.